Get To Know Your Judges: Cedrick Foley

I’m Cedrick Foley aka “Ceddy Pours”. I’ve been in the hospitality industry a little over 18 years. My journey began in Ottawa and eventually brought me to the Canadian west, where I was blessed to be introduced and mingle with many of Canada’s top bartenders. Calgary is where my interest and passion for cocktail bartending really bloomed. I’ve recently moved back to Ontario and am currently working with Top Shelf Distillers in Perth, Ontario as their cocktail specialist, curating exciting cocktail programs, developing content and many more projects on the go. Having competed in provincial and national circuits, my advice to you is this: Let your personality and style of cocktail creating shine via your presentation. Keep the information pertinent and push your self a little harder every time. Big risks can equal big rewards but make sure the concept is concise. Don’t forget what your most important ingredient is… Mionetto! Have a glass of bubbly, let the golden nectar guide you.

Good luck, stay sweet, and may the best cocktail win!

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