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Reece Sims's Cocktail Recipe:


27 ml 'Peaches + Cream' Liqueur*
27 ml House-Made Amaretto**
27 ml Orange Pekoe Tea
27 ml Mionetto
27 ml Mionetto
27 ml Mionetto***

*Peaches + Cream Liqueur
• 2 cups ripe BC Peaches
• 1 whole Lemon peel
• 1/3 cup melted Candy Corns
• 1/2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar
• 1 cup 100-proof neutral grain spirit

**House-Made Amaretto
• 10 toasted and chopped Peach Pits (almonds)
• 1 whole Orange peel
• 1/2 organic Vanilla Pod
• 1/2 cup Italian Brandy
• 2 tbsp BC Wildflower Honey

***81 ml total (or just under 3oz of Prosecco)

What inspired the drink?

'Ventisette' which means 27 in Italian, celebrates Mionetto's precision + attention to detail. The 'Peaches + Cream' Liqueur has duality in its name, referencing a type of (candy) corn as well as the fresh peaches + cream of tartar (which is a bi-product of winemaking). The resulting liqueur is bright orange. The Amaretto is made from toasted peach pits, orange peels, local honey + vanilla. The orange pekoe tea adds tannins + balance. Finally Mionetto adds texture + brings the cocktail together.

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