Callino Spritz

ParMona Agada

Halifax, NS


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Mona's recette de cocktail

To begin, place some ice cubes in a wine glass to chill it  while we build our cocktail.  In a shaker tin, combine
2 dashes of Orange bitters
1 oz of Compass Gin Royal
1oz Martini Bianco
3/4 Oz Donns Mix No 1
1/4 Oz fresh lemon juice
Give a strong 5 secs shake and strain into another tin to avoid over dilution. Add
1 oz Soda Water and finally the star of the show
2oz Minetto Prosecco.
Garnish with Orange peel and a stick of Rosemary.
Enjoy ????????????????

Donns Mix No1 recipe
400 Gramms of fresh Grapefruit juice
200 Gramms of Cinnamon syrup
Simple combine the Grapefruit syrup in a bowl and whisk until throughly mixed

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

"Collina" roughly translates to "Hillside" ... a tribute to the hills of Northern Italy where my prosecco  grapes are grown. My inspiration for this cocktail comes from the beautiful architectural brilliance of Italian buildings as well as here In Halifax. I also admire the minetto bottle , it's innate passion for design, its smooth curves and appealing orange label made with fine materials is a beauty to look at.  I wanted to build a cocktail that stands tall, looks good and is made with finest italian and local products. This cocktail is a tribute to Spritz cocktails and the famous Aperol spritz, an Italian classic.

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