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ParReece Southern

Calgary, AB


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Reece's recette de cocktail

1.5oz Apricot Infused Soju
.6oz Elderflower Liqueur
.5oz Lemon Juice
2.75oz Mionetto Prosecco
Sage Sprig

– In an isi combine 200ml Soju with 2 sliced apricots and charge twice with cream chargers, place in the fridge for 5mins to let the gas work its magic
– Combine everything but mionetto in a shaker and shake for 5 – 7 seconds, a little shorter of a shake as to not over dilute the delicate flavours
– Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a floated sage sprig

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

I wanted to use the natural sweet fragrance and flavours from the apricots by quick infusing them into Soju with cream chargers. Soju has quite a unique flavour that I wanted to elevate. I find the funkiness in soju an amazing pairing to the dry stone fruit notes in the prosecco. I also wanted this cocktail to take you on a small excursion to prosecco country with sweetness from elderflower liqueur, which I believe aids to boost delicate floral notes in the prosecco. A touch of citrus adds that dance on the palate that makes you reminisce of warm fresh summer nights with bubbles in hand. Using sage from my mystery box helped me to put the final piece of the cocktail together. Each time you bring the cocktail to your lips you get a whack of that savoury sage that leaves me standing on a hillside in Italy breathing in deep all of the wild aromas as the sun gently sets over the next rise. A drink with enough punch you can taste that you've earned it after a long hard day.

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