Don Francesco

ParArkadiy Sherstov

Montreal, QC


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Arkadiy's recette de cocktail

It took me a while to prepare the cocktail. At first my inspiration was spring, I was going to use a home made lilacs syrup, but unfortunately it was a little to late, because the lilac period was almost over and it didnt really enhase the taste. Then I started thinking of what can I come up with. Peaches was always my favourite fruit and here’s what came from that.
1 full muddled peach.
It was a discoverry for me that a nutty taste of the amaretto comes from the seeds of that fruit that I really like. The cocktail is still not complete, i started looking for a spirit that will open up the flavours and scotch ended up being our best candidate. I decided to be more classy on the bitters so angostura came along.
And here you go my drink is ready!
3/4 oz scotch
3/4 amaretto
2 dashes of Angostura
Shake with ice
Pour over ice in a chilled rocks glass

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

As I discovered that Mionetto has their 4th annual cocktail competition I was reading God Father by Mario Puzo at the same time. Therefore I thought what would be happening before the criminals kept on going criminals and how Connies wedding was being planned. I present to you Don Francesco!

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