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Emma's recette de cocktail

This is the Mimosa 2.0, the best parts of 2 cocktails intertwined. The bubbles bring out so much liveliness to the original Garibaldi recipe.

The use of Bizzaro Apertif brings notes of spice, cirtus, and espresso which brightens and enhances the orange juice. Aperol is an all time go-to and favorite, and a touch less dry than campari which you would typically use in a Garibaldi. The peppery flavor or the mezcal just ties it all together and reminds you there is definitely BOOZE in this cocktail. And of course, to bring all these wonderful, spirits to life, make them dance, we have Mienetto Presecco. From flat, to fresh and crisp. This is the new way to start your summer. Enjoy.

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

I've always enjoyed Italian spirits, and since the sun has been shining I've been wanting to quench my thirst with something just right. I've been toying with this Garibaldi recipe for a while, and once I saw this competition the prosecco made a bell in my head go off.
Its the perfect match.

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El Cortez

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