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Levi's recette de cocktail

My original recipe called for purple clove oleo.. however the season just couldn’t come quick enough. I opted for year round ingredients as a substitution and the recipe after a few trials almost wrote itself. I really wanted to highlight the lemony citrus notes of the Mionetto which I thought would fit snug having summer just around the bend. We have heavy notes of basil and lemon, which evolve into spicy coriander with remnants of lingering frankincense. The evolution fades frankincense into bittersweet elderflower and finishes off with dry lemon and hints of honey.

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

When I was a teenager, I had a close friend named Jordan who I spent lots of my weekends with. Having been born in Rome and immigrated to Canada, spending time with him and his family influenced my taste and appreciation for all things Italy including first discovering what a caprese salad consists of, as well as what prosecco was. Throughout the years of growing up together, we established the characteristics and foundation of our friendship, but overtime grew apart as we began to discover ourselves and our differences.
Skip forward a few years and we rekindle our friendship, discovering all sorts of new things about one another. One of the new things Jordan took a big interest in was the culture surrounding frankincense, which instantly had me itching to find a way to utilize it within a recipe.

This recipe is an ode to our friendship, and giving me an influence I may not have discovered otherwise.

Cin Cin Jordan!

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