Mionetto Julep

ParLaurent Lefebvre

Montréal , QC


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Laurent's recette de cocktail

Clarified milk punch:
Infuse the natural grain spirit with your favourite vanilla pods (either directly in the liquid or with a foamer for a rapid infusion)
Add orange juice, lemon and simple syrup
Weigh 1/3 of the total liquid and use that quantity for milk. Then pour the cocktail onto the milk and let it sit for a night, when done pass it through a super bag (100 micron if you wanna know what I used) collect the first clouded drop and repast it on top of the liquid until a clear cocktail comes out of it. Strain overnight and seal.

For the cocktail:
Put a clear ice spear it a highball fill up 2/3 of the glass with the clarified “orange julep” clarified milk punch and top with Mionetto Prosecco, garnish with a marigold flower and an express orange zest. This is design del gusto, Salute ! 🥂

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

The Orange julep is quite iconic in Montreal.  While us Montrealers are quite proud of our vast options when it comes to wine and dining in the city, The Orange Julep is a Montreal landmark.
The most iconic part of “The Big Orange” (apart from their building), is their drink, the “Gibeau Orange Julep”.
It’s sweet orangy and creamy with a hint of vanilla.

So for this Mionetto competition I’ve wanted to integrate a symbol from my home town to the ancestral recipe of the Prosecco that represent the lifestyle from Italy to create an unique experience that combines freshness, fruitiness and lightness with flavours never tasted before.

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