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Toronto, ON


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Matthew's recette de cocktail

2oz melon juice
1oz gin , preferably from menorca where some fresh lavender brightens everything up
2 dashes of lemon tincture
1 fresh squeeze of a beautiful ripe orange, and a strike of zest (for garnish)
1/2 of of aquafabba (chickpea water)
MIONETTA to add that crisp razzle dazzle

orange rind
1 stem of lavender
2 strips of cucumber

served in a tall collins glass on ice with cucumber strips lining the glass

1. play Como Violetas by Nicola Di Bari.

2. combine melon juice, orange juice, lemon tincture, aquafabba, gin in a shaker. shake it like you’re at a disco.

3. pour frothy green elixir over ice and watch it glisten. reserve the foam to top the cocktail.

4. fill the rest of the glass with Mionetta and top with chickpea foam, orange zest and garnish of lavender and orange rind.

5. find your favourite view, sitting in your favourite chair, turn off your phone, turn up the radio. inhale. exhale. take a sip. welcome home.

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

UMARELL (“little man”)
the name is inspired by the italian phenomenon of older italian men, in retirement, gathering together to watch construction sites progress and develop. something my wife and I enjoy seeing here in toronto as we walk around and enjoy the summer. this cocktail is inspired by a french 75 but with a bit more jazz to it.

for me, the flavours and experience of this cocktail is meant to be something enjoyed after coming home from an italian market on a hot summer day. crisp, light, refreshing but bursting with flavour. I wanted to create a cocktail that is reminiscent of all those stunning scents you come across while getting groceries - fresh melon, fresh citrus, cucumbers with that perfect crisp snap when you bite into them. I want it to be that thing that quenches your thirst after you throw you bags on the counter, kick your shoes off and get lost in your kitchen celebrating life while enjoying this drink.

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