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Justin's Cocktail Recipe

When preparing this cocktail, I started by pouring 5 ounces of Mionetto into an empty “Collins” glass.

I manually prepared a apple/peach/oregano/honey simple syrup, Fig shrub (white wine vinegar, figs and sugar), and Orange Oleo Saccharum (orange peels only/sugar/water/fresh squeezed OJ) – blended with fresh pressed orange Juice.

I then place 0.75oz of the simple syrup, 0.5 of the Shrub, and 0.75 of the Oleo Saccharum into a shaker.

For the alcohol, I’ve used an Italian favorite, Disaronno Amaretto 0.5oz
Boulevevardier – Calvados Apple brandy 0.75oz
Romeo’s gin “green label”, (VERY LIGHT variant with flavours of: Lemon, Cucumber, Dill, Juniper, Lavender, Lime, Honeydew melon, ALMOND, GREEN GRAPE)

I then added a splash of fresh squeezed lemon, and a dash of organic vanilla extract (not artificial flavouring)

Shaked the ingredients, added a couple cubes of ice to the glass already filled with 5oz Mionetto Prosseco, and then strained over top. Stirred slightly.

Topped with a signature orange peel cut into an M for “Mionetto” as well as a basil leaf to add colour depth. Served with a straw. Extremely well balanced light drink, however still representing flavours and still incorporating mionetto very much as the main ingredient, where it still shines through with accentuated flavour profiles.

What inspired the drink?

My inspiration was to gather information on Italian herbs , fruits and liquors. I learnt things along the way. I was very invested in learning what Mionetto's base flavours were , and as I did research, found it to be Honey, apple and peach. So I decided to work around that.

Then j thought of Disaronno as an Italian liqueur. I tasted it and thought about what it made me think of, Earthy dark fruits. Then suddenly the popular Italian fruit "Figs" came to mind. I then had them side by side and was blown away by their pairing.

I decided to incorporated these lightly , while also boosting the flavour profile of what Mionetto is.

What came out of it was an amazing smooth, refreshing and light cocktail that you know has the trademark Mionetto, holding it's backbone. However also adding a layer of fruitiness to it, without being too sweet! (The acidity of the Mionetto, the Fig Shrub & the splash of lemon, really balance perfectly with the sweet ingredients that are added to this drink)

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