Benvenuto Bubbly

ByMara Derikx

South Woodslee, ON


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Mara's Cocktail Recipe

Benvenuto in Italian means welcome and in this cocktail we welcome the flavours of East and West in one sparkling glass!
From the East we incorporate the soft floral notes of lychee juice and the peppery heat of ginger. From the West and the slopes of North Eastern Italy – we add the lively pear and slightly citrus flavour of Mionetto Prosecco. A splash of pineapple juice adds a hint of tang making this cocktail super refreshing, easy to drink and a welcome addition to any summer celebration!

60 ml (1/3 cup) Lychee juice
Splash of pineapple juice
1 oz. Ginger simple syrup*
4 oz. of Mionetto Prosecco

In glass filled with ice, add the juices and simple syrup and stir.
Top with Mionetto Prosecco and stir gently (or if you prefer, you can leave as float on top)
Garnish with edible flower

*How to make Ginger Simple Syrup
1. In heatproof sauce pan add 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup water and 3/4 cup of peeled, thinly sliced ginger.
2. Simmer for 30 mins.
3. Strain and once cooled, you can store in sealed container for up to 2 weeks

What inspired the drink?

Having visited Italy on many occasions, Prosecco is one of those drinks that's just so versatile. It seemed just about everywhere we went - people were happy to pour a glass of bubbly (on its own or in a cocktail), and welcome us with smiles ...and of course, food.
No wonder Prosecco is known as the "Welcome Wine."
Because Mionetto Prosecco is fun and easy to drink (many a Mimosa bar have starred this wonderful bubbly) I thought about creating flavour combinations that welcomed something different. So the Benvenuto Bubbly is a sophisticated take on a simple mimosa and welcomes some unique flavours that I think will soon be favourites!

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