Bolle Di Luce (Series ’82) “Bubbles of Light”

ByTabytha Towe

Vancouver, BC


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Tabytha's Cocktail Recipe

I really wanted to use herbaceous flavours that enhance Mionetto. I used Masticha Liqeuer (Mediterranean tree sap) and a home made fennel/corriander seed syrup. Both of these are light enough on the palate that the Prosecco shines through. I added lemon citric acid crystals to tie everything together adding a bit of science, extra fizz and a sour element. All of these complement Mionetto so well. Lastly I infused a large ice cube with a tiny pinch of dried saffron, this marries nicely as it dilutes, and eventually turns the drink a beautiful golden orange. I wanted to create something unique yet simple enough to make at home or at a bar. Saluti!

What inspired the drink?

To make a pretty cocktail with European, floral and herbal influences then mixing them with eachother to amplify the bubbles of Mionetto. The color is bright and I was aiming to remind you of what I fantasize a Veneto vineyard sunset would look like.

What bar do you work at?

Loula's Taverna

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