ByDaniel Boulianne

Montreal, QC


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Daniel's Cocktail Recipe

1oz Oolong tea infused Tequila Bianco
.5oz Orange & nuts syrup
.5oz Elderflower liqueur
Shake & strain over ice in a milkshake glass with Tapioca pearls at the bottom
Top with 3 oz of Mionetto Prosecco

What inspired the drink?

When you rearrange the letters of Mionetto, you can get "Emotion" with an extra T for the cocktail name Emot(t)ion. Every letter of it's name is an ingredient of the cocktail.
E for Elderflower
M for Mionetto
O for Oolong
T for Tequila Bianco
(T) for our garnish, Tapioca pearls
I for Ice
O for Orange
N for Nuts
I made sure to select ingredients that would elevate the already great nuances of flavours behind Mionetto Prosecco. And when you mix all of those together, you get a fun, creative and delicious drink to share with friends. As if you were to share your emot(t)ions with them while drinking a cocktail.

What bar do you work at?

W Hotel

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