Fresco Fizz

ByAlex Finta

Lake Louise, AB


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Alex's Cocktail Recipe

O.75oz lemongrass infused Pisco
0.75oz Domaine de Canton
0.75oz Lemon Juice
0.25oz simple syrup
0.75oz Aquafaba
3oz Mionetto Prosecco

What inspired the drink?

Going into summer, I was inspired to create a fresh, bright and vibrant cocktail that is refreshing and could be enjoyed everyone. So I experimented with different flavour profiles until I landed on the lemon grass and ginger ingredients as they complimented Mionetto perfectly!
Lemon grass brings in the freshness and herbaciousness of the summer, Ginger binds in with a spice and Mionetto shines through with the acidity and effervescence!

What bar do you work at?

Fairview Bar & Restaurant

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