Frutti Di Bosco

ByThomas Broeksma

Calgary, AB


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Thomas's Cocktail Recipe

  • 50ml Mionetto Prosecco
  • 3 Juice cubes (made from 35 ml juice)
  • 25ml Absolut Vodka N2o infusion with nectarine and ginger
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • 15ml Lime juice
  • 2 Drops saline solution
  • Clear Ice

Cocktail pick with a Blackberry, raspberry and blueberry. Sprig of mint.

The Ginger and Nectarine infusion:
Fill a ISI whipper with 200g of vodka, use a scale because when combining solids and liquids you want to use only one unit of measurement. Add 20 grams of thinly sliced ginger and 30 grams of nectarine into the vessel. Charge with a N2o cartridge. Shake, vent, add another N2o Cartridge and let sit for about one and a half minutes. Then, strain and serve.

The juice cubes:
Take 300g Blackberries, 300g Raspberries, 200g Blueberries and 250g Strawberries and add them to a sauce pot. Add 150ml water and bring to a boil. When the water is boiling, cover the pan and let simmer for five minutes. Then, add berries into a strainer and separate the juice from the fruit pulp. Lastly, fine-strain the juice and portion the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze.

Simple syrup:
1:1 ratio, add hot water to sugar and mix.

Lime juice:
Squeeze fresh lime and strain the juice.

Saline solution:
add 80g of salt to 100 ml water and mix.

Making Clear Ice:
Add hot water to a cooler, this way no air is trapped and no air bubbles will form in the ice. Leave the cooler with the lid open in the freezer overnight, that way the ice freezes only from the top

Making the Drink:
Add all ingredients, except for Mionetto Prosecco, to a shaker and shake until the juice cubes have completely melted. Strain the cocktail over ice and then add Mionetto Prosecco. Give the cocktail a quick stir to mix everything and add the garnish. Make sure to slap the mint before adding it in order to release the aroma.

What inspired the drink?

The inspiration for the Frutti Di Bosco cocktail came from Italian Gelato. Frutti di Bosco is the actual name of one of the sorbet ice cream flavors they make by hand in Italy and I wanted to create the cocktail version by making my own fruit blend using only fresh fruits. I did not want to add any liquors or spirits that would distract from the Prosecco and the fruits so I decided to use Vodka as a vessel to carry the flavors of ginger and Nectarine (mystery ingredient). I added ginger because the slight spiciness adds another layer to this drink. I chose nectarine for my mystery ingredient because it would allow me to really bring home the bold flavors of the fruits found in Italy and I find that it rounds out the flavor nicely. Lastly, I added the fruits as a garnish to really get that freshness of the fruits across to the drinker. The aroma of mint goes well with the fruits and it provides another layer to the drink right before you take a sip.

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