Hour for Magic

ByLauren Pileggi

Sudbury, ON


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Lauren's Cocktail Recipe

Hour for Magic is:
45ml Chaga Cognac (30g chaga per 750ml bottle of cognac, infused for 72 hours and fine strained before bottling)
10ml Chamomile Grappa
15ml Deathwish Syrup (vanilla, black peppercorn, clove, etc)
22.5ml Lemon Juice
30ml Mionetto
20ml Soda
1 pinch sea salt
Shaken and strained into a Collins glass with a long, clear ice spear. Topped with soda & Mionetto, then garnished with a long lemon zest.

This cocktail is the perfect pick for the dog days of summer. It’s refreshing, earthy, and bright. Chaga mushrooms add a depth to cognac that complements the floral chamomile grappa, while Deathwish syrup provides the baking spices we all know and love. Top it with some soda water and our MVP, Mionetto, and you’ve got a beach day winner.

What inspired the drink?

I recently returned to my hometown of Sudbury, ON following a long year of lockdown related ups and downs in the Toronto hospitality industry. Sudbury is a magical city, and I wanted to use chaga mushroom as a key ingredient for this recipe in order to reflect our ulta-forageable greenscapes, as well as local mushroom farm, Ugly Barn Farm. This drink tastes similar to a boozy iced tea, making it a super summer sipper: it's able to take you from brunch on the patio to drinks in the backyard without hassle. I think we could all do with more than a couple hours of magic in our lives these days.

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