2020 Third Place

Iced Mionettea

ByCedrick Foley

Calgary, AB


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Cedrick's Cocktail Recipe

Tea Sweetener:
-86 grams Candy corn
-172 grams Mionetto
-1 whole peach sliced

-500g Water
– 2 bags Earl grey
– 2 bags Passionfruit/Mango tea

Skewered Frozen Peach balls drizzled in Orange and hazelnut chocolate.

Topped with Mionetto Orange Label

What inspired the drink?

Inspired by refreshment and the black box ingredients. After packing and being ready to move form Calgary to Ottawa, the black box arrived. I was parched, I was sweaty and I was exhausted. Iced tea is a classic refreshment and in the south (where peaches and corn are a plenty), sweet tea reigns. sweet tea was popular and very often served with alcohol pre prohibition. After working my butt off packing, it seemed like the perfect beverage. The flavours of Mionetto are simple and elegant. The branding, Orange and obvious. Theres' no need to over do it when it comes to Mionetto's simplicity. Just like in simpler times, simple flavours go a long way. A simple Sweet Iced tea seemed appropriate. Started in Calgary, finished on the Road.

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