ByPatrick Chiquette-Ménard

Montréal, QC


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Patrick's Cocktail Recipe

.75oz Trois Riviere, cuvée de l’Océan
.5oz kim chi purée infused with burned green onions
.5oz chancaca syrup
.25oz lime juice
half a very thin slice of red onion

This results in a very unique spicy yet savory and light cocktail with undertones of ginger and garlic, all paired with the strong backbone of Agricol rum wich could only be described as refreshingly funky

What inspired the drink?

This cocktail was made as a way to get away from tiki cocktails and incorporate a lot of ingredients I rarely, if ever, used, while still staying true to my roots thanks to my favorite spirit, agricol rhum, all of wich is paired with Mionetto Prosecco.
Working at a fusion restaurants for the last few months has been eye opening in terms of flavor pairings I never thought could work and reignited a new desire in my cocktail making inspirations and techniques.

What bar do you work at?

Snowbird Tiki Bar & Chifa

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