Legend Has It

ByAndrew Keyes

Halifax , NS


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Andrew 's Cocktail Recipe

.75oz mezcal Agua santa Pechuga
.75oz Amaro Meletti
.5oz Dry orange curaçao
.75oz fermented pink peppercorn & pineapple syrup
2 drops of absinthe
1oz Fresh lemon juice
Fennel fronds on coupe stem
Crystallized Mionetto sugar blended with orange peel salt – for rimming of coupe

What inspired the drink?

The inspiration around the original design of the coupe - (that design came from a famous French Queen’s certain part of her anatomy)
But to dive further into that inspiration, coupe classes were the original Champagne and sparkling wine glasses.

The name ‘legend has it’ came from the the myth that the coupe glass was designed around a French queens anatomy, also one of my favourite hip-hop groups, Run the jewels. They have a song named legend has it, so I thought I could tie all these ideas together. The result a really balanced, funky & cool cocktail, inspired by history & hiphop.

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