Mad as a Hatter

ByChey Haima

Vancouver, BC


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My cocktail is “The Mad as a Hatter”, a play of the English phrase and more commonly known as the character in Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to over highlight the Mionetto Prosecco experience with several repetitive aspects to my drink.

One of the first things I hope you notice is the use of bubbles in this drink. Not only did I want to highlight the sparkling bubbles of the Prosecco I wanted you to see it form the shape of it through the use of a couple and the Citrus Kanten Gel bubbles on the bottom garnishing the cocktail.

From my Mionetto history lessons, the bottles Orange color is as iconic as the 130 year old history and thus, you will find this cocktail shining with the Orange. Arancello was my first thought to create the base of this cocktail as Arancello’s Italian history is not a short one either. From the color of the liquor to the Citrus Gel pebbles to the hue of the Arancello, these notes are not only to highlight the vibrant color it is also to compliment the citrus notes of the Prosecco itself.

The fruit loop cereal liquor adds my final funky twist to this fizz to give a slight citrus creamy complexity to the drink that has that nostalgic fruit loop cereal finish. While giving a homage to the wine making process. The liquors chosen for this drink are ones that have taken me about 30 days to infuse and strain and shows my respect to the wine making process.

I hope you catch my playful overuse of orange and bubbles throughout this drink and enjoy this bright, and refreshing citrus cocktail.

5oz Mionetto Prosecco
1oz Arancello
0.5oz Clarified Fruit Loop Cereal Milk Liquer
Garnished with Several Bubbles of Citrus Gel on the bottom of the coupe

What inspired the drink?

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist known for her obsession art from her overuse of dots to her infinity mirror rooms. I wanted to take inspiration from her style of pop art and turn that into a drink of highlighting Mionetto's citrus notes to the bubbles of the Prosecco as you will see multiple components of both throughout my drink.

What bar do you work at?

D/6 Bar & Lounge

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