Mio Mango Coco

ByJacob Huber

Canmore, AB

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Jacob's Cocktail Recipe

Young coconut, red mango, lime juice, simple syrup and Mionetto.
Peel and open the coconut. Empty the water into a big glass. Save the top and scoop the coconut. Place it in a shaker.
Peel the red mango. Place it in the shaker. Save the sides.
Put coconut water, lime juice and simple syrup in shaker.
Add ice and shake.
Empty into coconut shell untill 3/4 full. Fill with Mionetto.
Decorate with mango sides.

What inspired the drink?

Mexican beaches gin coconut.

What bar do you work at?

Stirling restaurant at The Malcolm Hotel

Help Jacob by spreading the word
Help Jacob by spreading the word

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