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Toronto, ON


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Luca's Cocktail Recipe

30ml Stolichnaya infused lemongrass
15ml green Chartreuse
25ml fresh cordial
45 Mionetto prosecco

Pour all the ingredients in a mixing glass,
Transfer the mix inside a plastic bottle,
squeeze the bottle to take the oxigen out,
connect the bottle to a CO2 tank and carbonate
the cocktail with 3BAR pression,
tranfer the carbonated cocktail inside a glass bottle and seal it with a corona cap,
open and pour. Enjoy!

homemade ingredients:
300ml Stolichnaya
180g lemograss
Double Quick infusion using ISI syphon with N2O chargers.

1/2 cucumber
20g of basil Thai
10g of fresh mint
180ml water
450g sugar
30g citric acid
-blend all together for 5 minutes at high speed

What inspired the drink?

As an Italian, I grew up walking beside vine plantation. If you go up north in the area where Prosecco Doc is produced all you can see it’s a beautiful green landscape.
Memories are like photographs that you watch when you want to relive that moment again.
I created a fresh and green cocktail inspired by the landscapes of my beloved land that I miss so much.
MIOFRESCO is a ready to drink bottled cocktail that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere and the label is tilted at 27 degrees as the Mionetto’s has been designed.

What bar do you work at?

Il Covo

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