Miomosa Del Montenetto

ByPavel Gulansky

Thornhill, ON


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Pavel's Cocktail Recipe

Half of strawberry, small cube of cantelope and pineapple diced and muddled together in glass.
3 ice cubes.
2/3 oz Amaro Montenegro.
Gentle clockwise stir to infuse fruit with Montenegro.
1 oz orange juice.
Top up glass with Mionetto.
Gentle stir and garnish with a 27°slice of honeydew and cantelope.

What inspired the drink?

The first thing one thinks of when imagining a cocktail with Prosecco is usually a mimosa.
I wanted to put my twist on it.
Something that will compliment the spirit of brunch and to be enjoyed as a dessert and help with digestion at the same time.
Thats when Miomosa Del Montenetto was born.
The thought of fresh cut fruits muddled and mixed with a nice splash of Montenegro, a little bit of orange juice and big tasty pour of Mionetto couldn't be wrong. And its not. Its very right!

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