Mionetto a la Cucina Fresca

ByStevie Stewart

Toronto, ON


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Stevie's Cocktail Recipe

My recipe simply combines a few ingredients that celebrate Italian flavors. First, mionetto and fresh squeezed lemon juice to add vibrancy, lift and acidity and form the base of a spritz cocktail. Then, I hand crafted blood orange lemoncello while blood oranges were at the height of their season and allowed it to steep for a six weeks over the winter. I love crafting it as a gift for friends throughout the year, and the rich flavor and slight bitter character adds wonderful complexity and structure, just as tannin is essential to good red wine. Lastly, I used a fat washing technique to infuse the flavor of good quality olive oil along side fresh oregano and rosemary to an orange liqueur for a touch of sweetness and to really showcase the wonderful rich and herbal notes of the Prosecco and lift those to the front of the palate. Stirring together simply and building the drink straight into the glass means it’s easy to share, and all the ingredients are easily prepared ahead so you can focus on entertaining.

What inspired the drink?

This cocktail is inspired by my favourite summertime activity-- spending time with friends and family outside while sharing food and drinks. Dining "Al Fresco" is such a beautiful way to enjoy the best of food, because the natural smell of the elements outside always emphasize the freshest ingredients. Just like the best of cooking, the best cocktails come from using ingredients at their freshest peak, prepared simply and lovingly.

I've taken inspiration from some of my favorite Italian ingredients like home made blood orange limoncello (which makes an excellent digestivo after dinner as a bonus) and orange liqueur infused with excellent quality olive oil and fresh oregano and rosemary. A little bit of lemon juice and Mionetto, and the cocktail shines as a burst of Italian flavors, garnished simply with whatever herbs are on hand (I selected oregano and basil from my backyard garden). Simply assemble and arrange when ready to entertain, stir, and enjoy. Chin Chin and Saluti!

What bar do you work at?

Little Sister Portland

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