Mionetto à la Duncan

ByAndré Duncan

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André's Cocktail Recipe

2 years ago, I did a recipe with distilled crab for an international comp that was cancelled because of the Vid. Then Mionetto came and I had the opportunity to introduce it, but I still never had a jury to actually taste it. Someone from high school who owns a catering business posted they needed volunteer staff for a lobster dinner to raise money for a Community Kitchen. She kept 10L of cooking water for me, I distilled it using a rotovap ,diluted 3 different spirits with a lobster bomb to bring it around 25%ABV and filtered the samples.
*Whisky is still very booze foward, lobster needs more presence than the she finale
*Gin impregnates the sea flavours, lobster punch followed by a long marine/saline finale
*10 year yld SpanishBrandy benefits greatly of the lobster funk and maintains a warm profile from the aging process and the aromatic notes of peach interact well with the lobster and makes a very good bridge to Mionetto.
According to the lobster spirit chosen, there are many possibilities to customize the cocktails: (Absinthe rince, spray of peated scotch, bitters, etc…)

I started playing with a freezer dryer last year, while collaborating with a start up distillery and that technology blew my damn mind! A wheel of freeze dryed tomato packs such a punch and makes the cocktail evolve at every sip. Since it is dehydrated by cold, there’s no Maillard Reaction and instead of bittered caramelized sugars, it brings a gardenny, green
feeling and you get the acidity of the tomato. The prosecco will rehydrate the tomato and the bubbles of gas will act as an extractor of flavours.

Honestly, I’ve made a few great cocktails in the past, but I consider that line of work to be my masterpiece. I cracked the shellfish code, let’s see how far it gets.

What inspired the drink?

I guess timing was just right. Lobster season, me running some test with freezer druide tomatoes for a while and the competition coming back. I've been insanely busy for a moment now, but I made room for Mionetto because I have the opportunity to finally showcase some very cool work and research and, mostly, I wanted to enjoy myself doing something I love. Weirdly, it was some top grade me time and I realized I prepared with absolutely no pressure, but instead it felt relaxing... so thank you for that Mionetto!

Oh, if the inspiration is a bit too basic, let me know and I'll tell you how that cocktail reminds me of back when I was like 5-6 years old and, every Sunday, I would go to my grand parents' house and my fictional nonna would boil lobsters and, while we drank prosecco, and telling me stories of our Duncan ancestors from Italy... Oh, I my fictional nonno would show me how to shave while tomatoes get awesome in the freezer dryer.

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