Mionetto al Mattino (Mionetto in the Morning)

ByKayla O’Flaherty

Kelowna, BC


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Kayla's Cocktail Recipe

3oz orange infused cold brew
.5oz honey basil syrup
Stirred with orange and goat milk infused ice
Topped graciously with Mionetto

What inspired the drink?

The inspiration for Mionetto al Mattino comes from the history of the winery in the the heart of the Prosecco area starting in 1887 when it was first opened by Francesco Mionetto. Not only was Mr. Mionetto a master winemaker he also mastered his ability to build relationships with local farmers knowing this was the key to quality products and support from his neighbours. Not only are we able to taste the fruits of his success, many of the relationships built have been held up generation to generation still to this day.

With a share love and passion for fresh local grown ingredients from the region in which we live and the authentic relationships we build within the community. I opted to go in a simple farm to table take with this cocktail and let the flavours compliment the great taste of Mionetto.

What bar do you work at?

Cantina del Centro

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