Mionetto Blossom Frizzante

ByAbbie Rudson

Toronto, ON


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Abbie's Cocktail Recipe

1.5oz bergamot infused London dry gin*
0.75oz Sicilian blood orange sherbet*
0.25oz Neroli syrup*
1-2 dashes orange blossom water
1tbsp green mandarin yogurt*
3oz Mionetto Prosecco

Combine all ingredients (except Mionetto) into a cocktail shaker and dry shake. Add one large ice cube and shake. Double strain over ice into a Collins glass and top with Mionetto Prosecco. Garnish with fresh basil leaf and blood orange zest.

What inspired the drink?

I wanted to focus on one simple element and highlight each of it’s vital components. The orange plant, was an obvious bet. The plant is comprised of more than just it’s fruit. It produces many of the beautiful olfactory notes you’d experience in Italy. I wanted to highlight the multitude of layers of nuance and beauty that both the plant and the sparkling wine can add to deepen a simple theme. I broke down the orange blossom plant into two main components; it’s fruit and it’s flower. For the flower I used Neroli, Orange Blossom and Bergamot. For the fruit, I used Green Mandarin and the Sicilian Blood Orange. Each and every ingredient in this simple, yet elegant sparkling cocktail displays aspects of these two facets, constructed to a perfect harmony of bitter, floral, sour and sweet, with a creamy textured mouthfeel.

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