Mionetto Firefighter

ByRashmi Patel

North York, ON


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Rashmi's Cocktail Recipe

125 mL Mionetto Prosecco
30 mL Sweet Potato Vodka
60 mL Cold Pressed Carrot Juice
15 mL Heavy Cream
Fennel Fronds
Carrot and Fennel to Garnish

Mix one tablespoon heavy cream with a quarter cup pressed carrot juice and an ounce of sweet potato vodka.

Top the glass with half a cup of chilled Mionetto Prosecco.

Add a few fennel fronds.

Smoke for about 2 minutes

Garnish with carrot and fennel, then serve.

What inspired the drink?

You know those hot firefighter calendars? This tastes like July; sweet and smoky’. It is perfect as a cocktail for a barbecue with lamb spiedini.

The cocktail’s colour is orange inspired by the Mionetto brand.

The cream gives the cocktail the rich texture of an Italian soda.

The cold pressed carrot juice is earthy and reminiscent of Italian terroir.

The sweet potato vodka adds strength and body.

The fennel fronds, torn from fennel which is native to Italy, highlight the notes of anise in the Prosecco.

The smoke is the final element which mellows the sweetness.

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