Mionetto SWSC

ByJulie Anna Pilote

Verdun, QC


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Julie Anna's Cocktail Recipe

3 oz Mionetto prossecco
½ oz white rhum agricole
¾ oz green apple elderflower cordial*
¼ oz salted lavender honey*
4 dash lemony peach bitter

Garnish : Spray of lemon oils & lavender stalk

Shake all ingredients except Mionetto.
Pour in a collins glass on ice.
Add Mionetto and give a little stir.

* Green apple elderflower cordial
Juice apple with skin and acids
Infuse elderflowers with a touch of sugar and add elderflower liquor
Blend the apple juice with the elderflower infusion
Add a blend mix of citric, malic and tartric acid to the liquid to reach a PH of 2.

* Salted lavender honey
Cold blend lavender honey with water
Add fleur de sel

What inspired the drink?

SWSC stands for: stay weird stay creative.
In my language, this means if you show your true colors and be yourself, you will keep moving forward and improving. Therefore, I decided to allow Mionetto to shine and express its true colors by highlighting the notes of apple, peach, flowers and honey already present.
You have the acidity and aroma of the apple elderflower cordial, the salty-flowery-roundness of the lavender honey, the subtle fresh bitterness of the lemony peach bitter, the vegetal-vanilla of the agricultural rum. All those ingredients paired with the delicious Mionetto that shines bright like a diamond and steals the show.


What bar do you work at?

Restaurant Pigor

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