Mionetto Tanto Taiyo

ByDavid Vo

Vancouver, BC


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David's Cocktail Recipe

-1 oz Homemade Japanese Apricot Syrup
-0.5 oz Purple Shiso Tan Taka Tan Shochu
-0.5 oz Shin Yuzu Wine
-1/4 drop Ms. Betters Mt. Fuji Bitters
-1/4 drop Ms. Betters Tonic Bitters
-Top with Mionetto Prosecco
*Strain into classic Gin & Tonic Glass
-Garnish with: Dehydrated Orange Wheel, Dried Apricots, Schisandra Berries

What inspired the drink?

I was inspired by the namesake of the restaurant I am representing: "Hapa Izakaya" and the Treviso Region of Italy where Mionetto Prosecco comes from. The word "Hapa" means a fusion of two cultures. In Treviso, they got "lots of sunshine!" The word "Tanto" means lots of in Italian and "Taiyo" means sun in Japanese. Thus Tanto Taiyo means "Lots of Sun!"
This is amazing summer style Japanese take on the classic Gin + Tonic. The yuzu pairs so incredibly well with the honey notes found in the Mionetto Prosecco. Perfect for our West Cost Summer Patio Season! Cheers!

What bar do you work at?

Hapa Izakaya

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