Mionetto’s Something Blue

ByDylan Brenton

Halifax, NS


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Dylan's Cocktail Recipe

The recipe adheres to the classic wedding day bridal traditions.
The bride will wear:
Something old – 7.5ml barrel aged maple syrup
Something new – 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Something borrowed – 3 dashes Swiss Absinthe
And Something Blue – 30ml Blueberry Montenegro*
These four ingredients are shaken.
A ‘coaster’ is placed out:
Something old, my wedding invitation – isn’t my 4th anniversary called an orange anniversary?
Something new – a freshly cut piece of ice is put into:
Something borrowed – baseless rocks glasses, in which
75ml of Mionetto Prosecco is poured and topped with:
Something Blue – our fragrant and light cocktail, floral in aroma and met with playful citrus from the Mionetto and echos to the flavours of blueberry pancakes made for my wife on Sundays.

A small spritz of orange oil and some orange flowers, complete the elegance and simplicity of this festive cocktail. For things as big as wedding days or as joyful as breakfast in bed.

Celebrate it all, the big things and the small.

* the blueberry Montenegro is made by dehydrating the pulp of juiced in season blueberries, then powdering it and whisking 1 tsp of powder into 250ml Amaro Montenegro, and coffee filtering after 2 hours of infusion

What inspired the drink?

Mionetto are an incredibly thoughtful and future thinking producer. Their development of autoclave fermentation in the Charmat method as a means to Preserve freshness is a characteristic beauty of a good winemaker. They have always brought together something of the old world and old ways and used something new in order to create something lasting.
Sounds like the basis of a good marriage.

I was inspired by these techniques to think back to my wedding day, a time of celebration, something perfectly paired with quality Prosecco. Something orange comes to mind.

I married an artist so I know, that when she think’s Orange - she thinks in complimentary colours, like Something Blue.

As the rhyme goes, all brides should wear:
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This inspired the cocktail. I thought to our favourite married life ritual - making breakfast. Mostly, me making Blueberry pancakes.

Celebrate it all. The big things and the small.

What bar do you work at?

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