“No Occasion Required”

ByMichele Maffei

Toronto, ON


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Michele's Cocktail Recipe

1oz Mionetto prosecco, apple & tropical flowers honey syrup
0.5 oz Freshly squeezed orange juice
0.25 oz Select aperitivo
3 oz Mionetto DOC prosecco
Top with Passion fruit & orange foam
*To prepare Mionetto apple & tropical flower syrup:
in a saucepan, pour 4oz of Mionetto prosecco
1 apple sliced
0.75 oz of tropical flowers honey
Let it simmer for 5 minutes over medium heat,
remove from the heat and let it cool off, then strain all the solids. Refrigerate.
*To prepare Passion fruit & orange foam:
in a saucepan, pour the juice of 2 medium oranges plus the peels,
1 tbsp. spoon of Monin passion fruit puree
2 tbsp. of sugar
5gr of apple pectin
simmer for 10 min, cool off and stain solids.
Add 1 cup of Mionetto prosecco
2 eggwhites
Add all to a siphon and charge it with N2O (cream charger).
Let it rest in the fridge for at least 3 hours.
Shake well before use.

What inspired the drink?

I believe that behind the success of Mionetto prosecco there are 2 main reasons: the pleasantness of the product and the versatility. These are motivations and characteristics that make it possible to satisfy the sensory perception of the consumer. It lends itself to being consumed as an aperitif, to be paired with dishes from international cuisines, has a low alcohol content therefore it can be savored in the morning, during a meal and in the afternoon.
With my cocktail I want to showcase Mionetto Prosecco's versatility, the pleasantness of is fruity notes and how can be used to design a cocktail that can be drunk with any meal at any time of the day and will remind you those special life moment

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