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ByCamille Hopper-Naud

Ottawa, ON


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Camille's Cocktail Recipe

Traditional Italian flavours from both the bar and kitchen are a natural pairing to citrus-forward, fresh, and expressive Mionetto (if they grow together, they go together – as they say!). Vecchio Romagna Brandy compliments the body and honeyed notes of the Prosecco, while bright and bitter Aperol plays on its fruity bouquet. Lemon enhances the fresh acidity of Mionetto, and Basil, a different kind of freshness. Rhubarb, being the Canadian player “joining the family”, adds complexity and intrigue to the cocktail. To garnish, a bouquet of fresh basil resets our palette so that each sweet & sour sip is a thrill, and with that, black olives – slightly sweeter and earthier than their green counterparts – which call back similar qualities in the macerated rhubarb. Overall, this recipe results in a perfect marriage between Italian ingredients and a North American one – charming, refreshing, and completely approachable (sounds like Mionetto to me!). Enjoy.

Chill a Flute
In a cocktail shaker, combine:
– 1oz Vecchia Romagna
– .5oz Aperol
– .5oz Rhubarb Cordial*
– .75oz Fresh Lemon Juice
– Handful Basil Leaves
Shake with ice and fine strain into flute
Top with Mionetto Prosecco
Garnish Basil Leaves and Black Olives on a pick
*Rhubarb Cordial: Combine 200g chopped rhubarb with 150g granulated sugar. Let sit overnight. Stir until sugar has dissolved and fine strain. Store in fridge.

What inspired the drink?

My cocktail was inspired by not only the beautiful qualities of Mionetto, but the home of its makers. Italy is known far and wide as the land of great wines and strong family traditions. The best part, however, is the Italian immigrants who have built strong communities here in North America, sharing their talents and traditions with us for generations. That is why I am devoting this cocktail to every Italian who has ever made me feel like family. Thank you! Cin Cin!

What bar do you work at?

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