Patricia’s in Florida

ByMaxim Béland

Montréal, QC


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Maxim's Cocktail Recipe

My recipe needs 2 preparation:
The rim is made of some ingredients (Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruits, a quarter of a stick of cinnamon, a bit of sugar, the skin of some red peppercorn). You blend them up together.
For the cordial, you need the juice of two orange, two mango for the total of 300ml of fruit juice, 2 cup of water, 1.5 tea spoon of orange zest, 2 cup of sugar, 5g of malic acid and 6g of citrique acid. You’ll need to boil the water with the sugar and the zest, add the juice and the acid, simmer and let it cool.
For the cocktail, it’s pretty simple, in a shaker put 0.5oz of Cointreau, 1oz of St-Laurent Citrus Gin, 1.5oz of the orange and mango cordial. Shake this bad boy and double strain (not like I did in the video, oops..). Serve it in a chilled coupette that you rimmed like I did in the picture to remind people of the logo of your bottles. Top it with the Mionetto Prosecco (should be around 2oz). Put a small rose petal for design and voilà! You now just need to make one for everyone around you and enjoy life with the Patricia’s in Florida.

What inspired the drink?

Unfortunately I did not go the classic route of creating something that fits with the Italy like pizza, tomatoes or some other things. I went on the route of the meaning of a prosecco in my life. As a young adult, my family and I were really busy, working every day, my dad early in the morning, my mom at night and myself I was at school on the day and working at night. So, as you might have guessed, we were not spending time together. But there was one moment in the week that we were not allowed to work, the Sunday mornings. Sometimes at restaurant or even at home, we would buy a prosecco, sometimes Mionetto but not every time, sorry, and we would do a Mimosa to relax, recap the week and enjoy a beautiful brunch together. So, in my mind, a Prosecco mean's celebrating, gathering everyone you love and enjoy life while you can. This is why I created a beautiful brunch cocktail that is not too complicated and can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you don't like booze. Patricia is my mom btw.

What bar do you work at?

Bar les Cousins

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