Prunelle Of My Eyes

ByLambert Paquette

Montreal, QC


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Lambert 's Cocktail Recipe

Here is the recipe for my cocktail:
To use soy, I made a shrub. I decided to take some ginger. I cut the ginger into thin pieces and added sugar, green apples and orange zest. Afterwards, I added a kimchi base and some fresh orange juice. I left it all marinated and cold infused for 72 hours.
This resulted in a tasty, sweet, sour and slightly vinegary sauce.

In order to balance it all with the finesse of the Mionetto process, I decided to add some plum wine. This helped balance the flavors, revive the fruity taste of the orange and add another Asian touch. Hence the name; Apple of my eyes.

Here is how to make the cocktail: Prunelle Of My Eyes

Using a shaker, add the following ingredients:
° 1 bar spoon New style Soya Shrub
° 0.5 oz Fresh orange juice
° 1 oz Plum Wine – Takara Plum
° 3 slices of green apple
Add ice and perform the Cub ’Cuban Roll’ ’technique.
Pour into a previously cooled glass of wine. Add 2 oz of Mionetto prosecco.
Garnish with an orange zest and green apple decoration.

So here is my cocktail for the competition 🙂
Cheers and to the pleasure!
Young Montrealer

What inspired the drink?

Thank you once again for creating such an extravagant and original competition as this one.
This is my first time entering this competition and I hope you enjoy my creation.

I introduce myself; my name is Lambert and I come from Montreal. Growing up in a city filled with restaurants and a multitude of cultures. I have learned to appreciate and discover the traits of each of these.
What has always attracted me the most; it's street food. Foods with incredible simplicity but with rich and explosive flavors.The Italian side of my family has always found me strange about this. Liking dishes that are coarser and less aesthetic than French or Italian cuisine.As a result, I was even one of the few who always ate my sushi with Prosecco.It was while visiting one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Montreal that I got the idea. The idea of ​​being able to share my pleasure in tasting sushi with Prosecco.For this, I therefore thought of developing a cocktail that will be enjoyed as an ape

What bar do you work at?

Le Ptit-Tri

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