Scarpetta Spritz

ByAndrew Gizzie

Niagara Falls, ON

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Andrew's Cocktail Recipe

The recipe is a balance of a umami & tart fruitiness. The tomato, strawberry & mionetto play wonderfully together with savoury, sweet & acidic elements. Its a gentle balance between all the components while enhancing each other without being too challenging for casual drinkers. A play of flavours with mionetto at the heart.

What inspired the drink?

Scarpetta, the end of the meal salud. A little sauce left on the plate you swipe with your bread. A casual nod to enjoying your meal, and savouring the love of sharing a meal with loved ones. Most of my inspirations come from growing up in a Italian house hold and having my Nonna prepare a family meal.

This cocktail I wanted to incorporate the tomato and its savoury umami elements in the sparkling without it being overwhelming. The gentle fruitiness of the strawberry and herbal bayleaf all remind me of a family meal expect its incorporated into our drink. Hope you enjoy!

What bar do you work at?

Walken’s Only (Pop up cocktails)

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Help Andrew by spreading the word

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