Sittin’ on Trains

ByCody Nicoll

Ottawa, ON


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Cody's Cocktail Recipe

3 slivers Calabrian Chili Pepper (Muddled) / 4 drops Pink Himalayan Saline (1:1 salt:water) / 30ml (1oz) Nonino Quintessentia Amaro / 15ml (0.5oz) Mezcal Verde Momento (Espadin) / 15ml (0.5oz) / 15ml (0.5oz) Aperol Aperitivo / 22.5ml (0.75oz) Clarified Fresh Cantaloupe juice (x2 coffee filter clarification) / 22.5ml (0.75oz) Pink Lemon Juice / 15ml (0.5oz) Manuka Honey + Yuzu Syrup (2:2:1 Honey:Yuzu:Hot water) / 90ml (3oz) Mionetto Prosecco / Woodford Reserve Mist (Atomizer) / Garnish: Frozen Mionetto + Cantaloupe + Yuzu Ice Sphere. Glassware: 8.5oz Modern Style Coupe

In 2008, Sam Ross published his famous cocktail “The Paper Plane”. This inspired another modern classic, the “Naked and Famous”, to be published in 2011, which was featured in Death and Co’s first manual. “Sittin’ on Trains” pays tribute to both of these modern classics, while using fresh cantaloupe, pink lemon, yuzu and Manuka honey to bring Mionetto’s fruit notes to life. The use of Mezcal adds a smoky vegetal note, a tribute to Mionetto’s emphasis on terroir, which pairs with the spice of muddled Calabrian chili and subtle salt of the pink himalayan saline. The use Amaro bonds the Mexican terroir with Mionetto’s homeland. The Nonino Amaro elevates the cantaloupe and acidity, while the Aperol plays well with the prosecco’s orange and citrus notes. Woodford Reserve is atomized over the glass to elevate subtle pear and green apple notes. An innovative approach was taken for the functional garnish, elegantly blending and freezing Mionetto, cantaloupe and yuzu into garnish pic spheres.

What inspired the drink?

In 1882, Harry Johnson published one of the very first bar manuals. That manual contained a cocktail called the Bijou, consisting of gin, chartreuse, vermouth and bitters. 5 years later, Francesco Mionetto founded his winery. Shortly thereafter, we begin to see the age of industrial revolution in Italy and around the world. Across the pond, this revolution is prevalent in Detroit, where a cocktail named the "Last Word", a riff of the Bijou, makes its debut at the Detroit Athletic Club, a private association for early automotive executives and industrial leaders. That same "Last Word" cocktail resurfaced 80 years later at the famous ZigZag club in Seattle, where it rose to global recognition and inspired renowned bartenders to create their own renditions. "Sittin' on Trains", named after a lyric in M.I.A's smash hit "Paper Planes", pays tribute to modern classics that draw inspiration from the past, much like Mionetto, an innovative Prosecco pioneer who maintains a bond with tradition.

What bar do you work at?

Savanna Lounge

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