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Thomas's Cocktail Recipe

90ml Mionetto Prosecco
15ml Havana Club 3 year old
15ml Homemade Falernum Liqueur
35ml Clarified Mandarin Juice
10ml Clarified Lime juice
5ml Sugar Syrup
2 drops Saline Solution
Clear Ice

Clarifying the juices: combine 1/4th of your juice with agar powder, (2g for 1 liter), mix with a whisk and simmer on medium heat for about a minute to hydrate the agar. Add the rest of the juice, stir, and take off the heat. Pour into a container and let the mixture set into a gel. When the gel has set you can start breaking it up with a whisk until the mixture has a curd-like structure. Add the mixture to a straining cloth; the clear juice will drip out of the mixture while the cloudy particles stay behind in the gel.

Making the Falernum Liqueur: Add freshly toasted almonds and cloves to the Rum and let steep for about a day. Then add lime zest and steep for another day. Lastly, add sugar, water and lime juice to the mixture and fine strain through a filter.

The Ice: boil distilled water and let cool down, then boil again. Make sure the pan in covered the entire time to prevent dust from coming in. Pour the distilled water in an ice cube tray and cover again and freeze. The result will be ice without impurities.

Making the drink: Add all ingredients to a bottle and let it sit in the freezer until the mixture almost becomes syrup-y. Take the cocktail out of the freezer and squeeze all the air out of the bottle; air, cloudy liquid and warmth are enemies of carbonation. Hook the bottle up to a Co2 rig and add Co2 at 42 psi in order to carbonate the entire cocktail, then shake the bottle and vent. Repeat this process three times.

Serve the Drink in a chilled fizz glass and garnish with a steel straw, a mandarin twist and a dried mandarin wheel.

What inspired the drink?

Sundowning is a spritz type cocktail that celebrates the effervescence of Mionetto Prosecco. This recipe combines the flavours of Mionetto with some fruity and tropical notes in order to create a drink with a flavour that is easy enjoy while sitting in the sun. The dry finish of the Prosecco and the flavours of fruit are meant to complement each other in this recipe in order to create a nice balance between acidity and sweetness with a hint of spices from the Falernum and the Havana Club. The reason why I chose mandarins as the fruit component of the drink mainly comes down the the balance of sweet and sour of its juice.

I have chosen to carbonate the entire cocktail because I really wanted to bring out the bubbles in this one and make them shine. I found that adding non-carbonated juice to the Prosecco did not achieve the fizziness and the mouth feel that Mionetto has on its own so the only way forward was to adapt all ingredients in such a way that they would enhance the bubbles.

What bar do you work at?

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