The Bitter Bambino

ByAndrew Gizzie

Niagara Falls, ON


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Andrew's Cocktail Recipe

My recipe is my variation on capturing a balanced citrus bitter drink that can created with little prep time.

Instead of making an Amaro I made a bittered citrus syrup with citrus peels, gentian root and cinchona bark with a quick steep & cool off time. A citrus bitter spray at the end for fresh orange & subtle cardamom and clove.

What inspired the drink?

This recipe is inspired by my love for Italian sodas growing up and discovering that balance between citrus, bitterness and that refreshing sparkle. With Mionetto’s effervescence, crisp pairing with citrus this cocktail is a sparkling orange dream.

With the colour of a bright golden pomelo this Italian sparkling inspired drink is a balance of what comes to mind for me with orange aromatics and a wonderful sparkling.

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