The Mia Mionetto

ByAdaina Smyth

Chambly, QC

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Adaina's Cocktail Recipe

Coconut Milk clarified Mia Mionetto mixture:
3 oz – Coconut milk
1/2 tsp – tumeric
3/4 oz – local peach liqueur (Sivo Pêche)
3/4 oz – 100% seabuckthorn juice (Leikora Superfruit)
3/4 oz – peach nectar
3/4 oz – white porto
1. Heat the coconut milk in a pot with the tumeric just until boiling. Remove from heat.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir to ensure all of the ingredients have mixted into the coconut milk.
3. Lest rest in the fridge for 1 hour. But, longer is better.
4. Using a coffee filter, filter the mixture into a clear glass. The first few drops will be cloudy as the fat from the cocktail milk needs to settle to the bottom of the filter in order to clarify. Once the the drops become clear, change the glasswear and pour the mixture back into the filter to be reclarified. You may need to do this step a few times before you get a nice golden clear mixture.
5. Once the mixture is ready, let rest in the frige to chill.

The Mia Mionetto:
2.5 oz – Coconut Milk clarified Mia Mionetto mixture
2.5 oz – Mionetto
– Using a whisky glass with ice, pour the clarified mixture over ice and then top with Mionetto.
– Garnish with a beautiful orange flower and CinCin!

What inspired the drink?

I was truly inspired with the colour orange. I wanted to use as many ingredients that lead to me inspired with the final recipe. The clarification really helped add the smooth and earthy tones that enhanced the seabuckthron flavours but also the acidity and floralness of the Mionetto.

What bar do you work at?

bar Les Cousins

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