Vanilla Tea Mionetto

ByJohn Richard (JR) Tarlit

Vancouver, BC


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John Richard (JR)'s Cocktail Recipe

60 ml clarified London Fog**
180 ml mionetto prosecco

**For the clarified London fog
– 30ml orange juice
– 15ml oleo saccharum
– 15ml lemon juice
– 15ml brewed cream of Earl Grey tea
– 30ml whole milk
– 30ml Haymans Old Tom Gin
Combine all ingredients except for the milk in a non reactive container. In a separate container containing the milk, slowly pour the first mixture causing the milk to curdle. Strain through a sieve lined with a coffee filter to clarify the mixture.

What inspired the drink?

My two favorite brunch beverages are french 75s and London fogs (aka vanilla tea misto). For me, Mionetto has wonderful notes of citrus and vanilla and I wanted to highlight those flavours. Cream of Earl Grey tea made sense as a pairing for its rich scents of vanilla and bergamot. I took an additional measure to accentuate the citrus notes by sweetening with oleo saccharum and removed the sharp, astringent and bitter flavors of the tea by clarifying the mixture with whole milk. I think it's the perfect drink to be enjoyed breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What bar do you work at?

Havana Vancouver & 1927 lobby lounge

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