Reece Sims

Year 3 winner.
Vancouver, BC

Reece Sims is a whisk(e)y expert who is passionate about educating enthusiasts using creative design to visualize tasting cues. As a former award-winning bartender (including Mionetto Canada’s Cocktail Competition 2020), Reece has studied the art of mixology as well as travelled around the world to complete a number of certifications including WSET3, the Executive Bourbon Stewardship Certification, and Irish Distilling Academy courses (to name a few). In 2016, she founded Whiskey Muse as a way to make learning, drinking, and cocktailing with whisk(e)y approachable. In addition, she writes for publications like TASTE Magazine and Relish & Whisky Magazine, and started the SIP&Share Whisk(e)y Sessions in 2022 to offer consumers, bartenders, and spirits brands a way to engage thoughtfully on a deep level through sensory insight programs and tastings.

Lukas Gabriel

Mionetto. Country Manager – Canada

Ciao Mionetto lovers! I am Lukas and in the lucky spot to make a living out of what I love: wine and spirits! Being the country manager for Canada is more than a job. It is about passion for products, brands and the people behind them – and about celebrating life!

Adrian Roque

Year 2 winner.
Calgary, AB

Cedrick Foley

Year 1 winner.
Ottawa, ON

G’day! I’m Cedrick Foley. Ottawa, Ontario born and raised but I spend a 10 year stint in the Canadian west learning and mastering the art of the cocktail alongside some of the industries best and brightest. I’ve competed in many competitions across Canada and am pleased and excited to be on the Mionetto Canada judges panel once more for the 5th annual Mionetto Cocktail Competition. As of late, you can find me at Top Shelf Distillers, in Perth, Ontario where I am the resident cocktail specialist and events manager. I spend most of my days designing new recipes and curating educational content, including our “Top Shelf’s Guide To Cocktailing” 12 month subscription program. After 20+ years in hospitality, I am continually excited and intrigued by new trends and creative flavour combinations that stimulate the palate, and the mind. In my opinion, if you want to live a rich and happy life, surround yourself with good food, good drink and good people. It’s the only way, the “bon vivant” way.

Nicholas Tzaferis

Year 4 winner.
Kelowna, BC

My name is Nicholas Tzaferis, winner of the fourth annual Mionetto cocktail competition.

Originally from Montreal QC, I moved to Kelowna BC to be part of an expanding cocktail scene in a city with a rapidly growing population, where I now manage a bar with the largest agave selection in BC.

Being in the industry for almost 20 years, I’ve really grown to appreciate the concept of treating cocktail creation as an entire experience. Living in the Okanagan Valley, it’s really accessible to incorporate seasonal and fresh ingredients with drink curations. Telling a story through cocktails starts from the bones of spirit, to the final statement of the garnish. Whether it be nostalgic flavors to something progressive & technical – it has to stay true to what I put in the glass.

The best part about working in this industry is the social element; getting to know the person on the other side of the wood and providing them something fit to their liking based on conversation & engagement. That’s the real good good right there!

I can’t wait to see what the competitors of this year’s Mionetto competition has to offer and what stories they can tell with their creativity. Good luck, everyone!

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