The Golden Pentagon

ParQuinn Taylor

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The Golden Pentagon:

1 oz Armelade Aperitivo
1 oz homemade white summer vermouth *
½ oz mamey sapote juice
½ oz calamansi juice
Barspoon mango pulp vinegar
2 ¼ oz Mionetto Prosecco

Chill cocktail coupe.
Combine all ingredients except the Mionetto in shaker tin.
Shake hard & double fine strain into chilled coupe.
Top with Mionetto Prosecco.
Express orange oil & discard.

*white summer vermouth:
750 ml Sanchez Romate Fino Perdido Sherry
350 ml Les Vignerons du Castelas Le Monarque Côtes du Rhône Blanc Viognier Blend
¾ cup organic local honey
2 g dried lime leaves
7 g fresh wild chamomile
3 g dried chamomile
4 g nasturtium powder
½ g dried lemon balm
4 g fresh sorrel
4 g gentian root
1 g dried rose petals
1 g dried lemon verbena
2 g fresh nasturtium leaves
2 large grapefruits

Combine sherry, white wine, honey and sliced grapefruits into a large mason jar.
Place the remaining ingredients into cheesecloth creating an aromatic sachet then submerge the bundle into liquids and close the lid tightly.
Let steep in the fridge for 3-4 days then remove the sachet and strain through cheesecloth.

Qu'est-ce qui a inspiré la boisson?

My cocktail is named after the exquisite terroir where some of Mionetto's premium grapes are grown & inspired by their tradition of sourcing the highest quality ingredients to create something simple yet sublime. My cocktail celebrates Italian lifestyle, passion & indulgence, meant to be the quintessential post siesta sunset aperitif. It's an exotic riff on a classic sbagliato, each ingredient serves to enhance the natural aromas of the Mionetto. The seabuckthorn Armelade provides a comforting familiarity with a distinct citrus kick. My white vermouth enhances the notes of honey & delicate floral bouquet of the Mionetto & provides a gentle grassy herbaceousness amplifying the minerality. The calamansi is bright & sour while the tropical mamey sapote, reminiscent of peach & apricot, is creamy & fruity with a hint of nuttiness that creates a lush flavour affinity with the Mionetto. The mango vinegar offers a funky acidity that dances on the palate with Mionetto's effervescence. Cheers!

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