Deja Vu

ByJuhyun James Park

Toronto , ON


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Juhyun James 's Cocktail Recipe

45ml Cold Pressed Coffee Vodka
30ml Vetiver Root Cordial
7.5ml Verjus
80ml Mionetto Prosecco
Fermented Orange Powder + Salt Rim

What inspired the drink?

"Deja vu" cocktail is an inspiration from my trip to Philippines in the past where I've enjoyed having a cup of coffee at a cafe looking at the rainfalls with a calamansi cake on the side. The theme for my cocktail was memories so i wanted to bring out all the senses that ive experienced and put inside my cocktail. The muskiness from the vetiver roots, that packs a lot of fresh earthy flavors reminiscence of a scent of rain, added with coffee flavors and verjus giving an additional acidity to the orange-y notes of the Mionetto.
Welcome to my memories. Cheers!

What bar do you work at?

Mother Cocktail bar

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