Mionetto Quattro Modi

ByMatthew Sinagoga

Toronto, ON


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Matthew's Cocktail Recipe

– Place 3-4 Mionetto Ice Cubes in a Highball Glass
– Add 2oz Orange & Tarragon Mionetto Reduction *
– Add 4-6oz Mionetto
– Top with Blackberry Rhubarb Mionetto Foam **
– Garnish with Orange Zest and a Sprig of Tarragon

* Mionetto Reduction:
Add 1 Cup of Mionetto to a pot with 1/3 of an orange and bring to a boil. Once it reaches a boil then add 1 Tablespoons of Sugar and a pinch of salt. Reduce the Mionetto by at least half then turn off heat. Add 1 Sprig of Tarragon to the pot and let steep for 5-10min. Double Strain and it is ready!

**Blackberry & Rhubarb Mionetto Foam:
Combine 1 Egg White or 1oz Aquafaba (Vegan Substitute), 1oz Blackberry & Rhubarb Syrup, 0.5oz Lemon Juice, and 0.5oz Orange Juice to a Whip Creamer. Add the Nitrogen Charge, Shake, and leave in Fridge for 30min before use.

What inspired the drink?

My inspiration for this cocktail is based on my experience visiting my relatives in Italy. Both of my parents are Italian so we have visited family in Italy many times. One of my aunts (Zia Angelina) lives near Venice and Prosecco was being served at almost every interval. However, she always served and paired it with more savory ingredients. She would add her homemade Rhubarb jam to the Prosecco and even a sprig of Thyme from her garden. I will never forget her pairing Prosecco with various cured meats that had a heavy amount of fennel in it. I wanted to re-create that experience and take some of my zia's unique flavor pairings as key ingredients. I did my best to incorporate Mionetto in every part of the cocktail and thank you for considering me for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy Mionetto Quattro Modi :)

What bar do you work at?

I work as a Private Bartender (Weddings, Events, Classes)

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