2020 Finalist


ByQuinn Taylor

Gatineau, QC


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Quinn's Cocktail Recipe

1 1/2 oz dark chocolate orange infused Dry Curacao
3/4 oz candy corn syrup
1/4 orgeat
1/2 lime juice
1/4 fresh pressed pineapple juice
3 dashes homemade pineapple star anise bitters
2 oz Mionetto Prosecco
Mist with overproof Jamaican Rum

Garnish with pineapple fronds on a cocktail skewer and an edible flower

What inspired the drink?

Inspired by my lust for travel and the magical feeling you get when you see a beautiful place for the first time. My cocktail is called Mozzafiato which in Italian means breathtaking. This cocktail is a celebration of escapism and is a bubbly variation of a classic Mai Tai. The bright tropical flavours and zesty effervescence awaken the palate and transports the imagination to a luxurious place, taking your breath away. The candy corn syrup brings a sweet vanilla and marshmallow flavour that enhances the fruity notes and honey sweetness of the Mionetto. Like a vacation in a glass, my Mozzafiato is an illustration of the versatility of Mionetto's flavours and mouthfeel as they lend very well to tropical flavours. Cheers!

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