Mt. Mionetto

ByTaylor Kare

Vancouver, BC


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Taylor's Cocktail Recipe

-3oz Mionetto Prosecco
-1oz Junmai Sake
-1oz Orange Bell Pepper Juice*
-0.5oz Mango Puree
-0.5oz Sudachi Juice
-0.25oz Simple Syrup

* Orange Bell Pepper Juice
if unable to juice with juicer add 100mL water to 2-3 medium chopped orange bell peppers and blend.

What inspired the drink?

While eating the most wonderful salumi board at a local Italian/Japanese fusion restaurant; I took took a bite of shitake mushroom and red pepper jam as I sipped a glass of Mionetto from the bottle we had at the table. It was such a memorable flavor experience that I knew I had to have it again. But the restaurant was a bit out of the way, so instead of climbing up the mountain again so to say; I built a mountain. Mt Mionetto.

What bar do you work at?

H Tasting Lounge, Westin Bayshore

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