Viti al Bichierre

ByNicholas Tzaferis

Kelowna, BC


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Nicholas's Cocktail Recipe

Crushed Okanagan table grapes macerated in Mionetto prosecco then sous vide with Okanagan apples and pears, a sprinkle of sugar, a dusting of citric acid, a splash of vanilla liquere and fortified by Stolichnaya Vodka for eight hours at 140 degree ferenheit. The mixture is then strained, chilled and carbonated with CO2 to tickle your palate with crisp, bubbly effervescence.
For garnish, combine the juices of grapefruit, orange, lemon, pomegranate with crodino aperitivo. Add pectin and blitz it to incorporate all the ingredients. Strain and reduce in a sauce pan to create a thick syrup. Paint the mixture on the inside of the glass at a 27 degree angle and allow to solidify. The mixture will slowly dissolve into the cocktail and evolve the flavour profile as it does.

What inspired the drink?

Inspired by the production of this beautiful prosecco, I wanted to take you on a journey through the terroir, ingredients and methods used to produce Mionetto. Everything from "Viti al Bichierre" (vines to glass). Through that journey, a cocktail was born using ingredients and methods that represent the production of the prosecco that we all know and love.

What bar do you work at?

Cantina del Centro

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