ByKate Chernoff

Victoria, BC


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Kate's Cocktail Recipe

Unapologetically hot. A cedar smoked coupe sets the stage. A blend of sugar, smoked paprika, and zero waste citrus dust rim the glass to ground your palette. 0.75oz of Acidified Pineapple juice brings sweet tangy heat. 0.5oz Grand Mariner adds a smooth mouthfeel and flavours of an orange popsicle in a heatwave. 0.5oz of local Esquimalt Dry Vermouth roots your palette and dries out its counterparts through a dance of island botanicals. 0.66oz of Agave unites these complex flavours and allows your tongue to take them all in with a touch or tropical sweetness.1oz of Ardbeg Wee Beastie packs a punch; this young, raw, smokey player embodies the heart of a new horizon. Shake. Strain. Top with the star of the show: Mionetto Prosecco. The dry bubbles with such vivid fruit character harmoniously bind the fiery blend.

What inspired the drink?

“Think orange”. Right now, when I “Think orange”, my heart breaks for the Indigenous community of Canada. For those mourning the loss of a child, family member, or friend; for the community of survivors who hear news of body counts found buried under schools; for those whose genocide is not recognized by the Canadian state. Inextinguishable is the fire burning in Canada right now. This cocktail represents a new young wave of passionate Canadian citizens who are adamant about holding the Canadian state accountable for the genocide it has committed. The local and zero waste ingredients utilized show the importance of respecting the borrowed land we walk on, the rest were selected to represent young heat, and unapologetic fire. The cocktail speaks from my heart. If my cocktail is chosen as the winner of the Mionetto Cocktail Competition, I will be donating my prize money to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, along with the fundraising efforts already made by my bar.

What bar do you work at?

Clarke & Co

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