La Signora Rosa

ByAlex Finta

Lake Louise, AB


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Alex's Cocktail Recipe

For this recipe I used fresh raspberries,lemon peel infused vodka, a rosemary simple syrup, a dash of vanilla extract and a dash of saline solution. Shake all these ingredients over ice and double strain into a Burgundy glass with 1 large ice cube. Finally, top up with the beverage with star of the show, Mionetto Extra Dry Sparkling Rose. The Raspberries and citrus from the vodka add a wonderfully fresh aroma which then translates to the palette. The rosemary simple syrup not only provides the cocktail with a hint of sweetness, it also adds a very welcome herbacious note. The addition of the rose vermouth brings a delicate flavor of wild roses and summer berries to the drink and also adds body. The vanilla extract brings a welcomed dessert note while the saline elevates the citrus and berry notes.
Topping this shaken cocktail with Mionetto Extra Dry Rose brings a fantastic dryness while adding complexity and class. The strawberry, raspberry, and red grape fruit notes combine perfectly with the citrus vodka, Rose vermouth and rosemary. Delicious.

What inspired the drink?

I wanted to make an elevated Italian aperotivo. Perfect for those summer afternoons on the patio or a refreshing cocktail for to finish off an afternoon of cycling through Vinyards. After sampling Mionetto prosecco, Rose prosecco and the Extra Dry Rose, I knew what direction to take my cocktail. Using the extra dry would mean I could make a amazing summer Aperotivo by combining some intriguing flavors to elevate the fresh berry and flora notes of the Extra Dry without overpowering the sparking wine itself.

What bar do you work at?

Fairview Bar

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